S1E30 Mike Watts 3 Startups Totaling Over $50M in Sales

S1E30 – Mike Watts – 3 Startups Totaling Over $50M in Sales

Imagine striking a deal with a Shark Tank host but in this circumstance, the shark calls you without you even appearing on the TV show.  My next guest has a history of building and selling successful product based businesses.  He has a knack for licencing highly ergonomic problem solving ideas.  Now he has a product called Love Handle which is essentially a brandable strap that goes on the back of your cell phone.  This product managed to catch the attention of Daymond John and his staff at the Shark Group.  Soon after a surprising phone, a deal was negotiated and now today this product is one of the fastest growing cell phone grip accessories on the market.  If you want an inside look into the world of licensing, manufacturing, and selling small price point products, this episode is perfect for you.  Please welcome Mike Watts.

Website:  https://www.lovehandle.com
LinkedIn:  Mike Watts
Instagram:  @mikewatts