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General Questions

Here are the most asked questions about the podcast.

Here are some quick tips to help you become a great guest. 1. Ask the host who their audience is and how you can best serve them. Keep in mind, the podcast is not for you. It’s for the hosts audience. Provide value to that audience! 2. Be humble and share mistakes made and lessons learned. People don’t learn from your wins, they learn from your losses. Share those losses! 3. Invest in a professional mic. You can find great podcasting mics on Amazon from about $30. It’s worth it!

A media page is a one page website with your high resolution photo, short biography, intro text, top questions, and company logo. A media page will help you get booked on more shows because everything is organized in one clean location. If you’re interested in a media page, please contact us.

There are two ways you can increase your exposure as a podcast guest. 1. Leave a 5-Star rating on Apple Podcasts. Apple Podcasts functions like a search engine. The more ratings a podcast receives, the higher it will rank in Apple Podcasts. 2. The host should take the lead and promote/tag you on social media. When they do, please take 30 seconds to share the podcast with your audience. It’s a team effort!