S1E31 Chao He Mobile App Development

S1E31 – Chao He – Mobile App Development

Imagine starting a project.  The client is excited, you’re excited, everything feels great!  Then the client requests changes, scope creep occurs, deadlines are pushed, and the project goes off the rails.  Then you figure out a way to face those challenges one at a time and eventually climb out of the hole, make the client feel good again, and bring the project back on track.  Welcome to the world of application development.  My next guest has a team of 40 employees where they build custom mobile apps for tech startups on up to fortune 500 companies.  He has a passion for service and providing top tier value through technology.  He and his business partner started this firm soon after graduating from MIT and they never looked back.  With a strong financial acumen, they were able to correctly build and scale a service business.  Please welcome Chao He.

Website: https://swensonhe.com
LinkedIn:  Chao He
Instagram: @swenson_he
Twitter:  @swenson_he
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/swensonhe/