S1E44 Tom Libelt Online Course Marketing

S1E44 – Tom Libelt – Online Course Marketing

Imagine having to smuggle liquor into your country as a means to generate cash flow?  The stress between getting caught and sent to jail or spending another day starving will leave a lasting impact on anyone.  Being raised in poverty stricken neighborhoods of Poland, my next guest learned how to hustle at the young age of 7.

At age 10 his parents migrated to the US and in order to make ends meet, they worked 3 – 4 minimum wage jobs around the clock.  He quickly learned that working a job should only be temporary.  To truly get ahead, you need to own assets especially assets that produce ongoing cash flow.

He’s owned and operated several ventures throughout his professional career but today he owns an agency that helps market online courses.  In this episode he talks about the do’s and don’t of course creation, why you shouldn’t listen to online marketers, and why the information age is dead. He also emphasises the importance of product/market/educator fit.  In other words, if someone is going to create a successful online course they need to not only find product/market fit but they have to truly be the right teacher for the job or they won’t generate any sales.  Please welcome Tom Libelt.

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