S3E6 Holly Jean Jackson Don't be afraid to charge more for your product or services

S3E6 – Holly Jean Jackson – Don’t be afraid to charge more for your product or services
Holly Jean Jackson – Don’t be afraid to charge more for your product or services. My next guest is a health, life, and business coach and in this episode, we talk about the importance of creating multiple streams of revenue in your business. We also talk about the importance of increasing your prices to the point where it may push you outside your comfort zone. The more you charge, the more people will pay attention, especially the right people you want to work with. Please welcome Holly Jean Jackson.

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Payback Time is a podcast for investors. The goal of this podcast is to help make investing approachable and easy to understand. We will interview beginner and experienced investors and ask them to share stories on how they got started, what challenges they faced, what mistakes they made, and what strategy works for them today. The overall objective is to provide you with a roadmap that helps you become a better investor.

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Key Timecodes

  • (00:42) – Show intro and background history
  • (02:16) – The importance of diversification for investors and entrepreneurs
  • (04:14) – What are her strategies and business model
  • (06:43) – How she helps her clients
  • (08:42) – Deep diving into her strategy and how to level up a business in a healthy way
  • (10:26) – Who are her ideal clients?
  • (11:48) – Did she notice increased in-person events after the covid crisis?
  • (12:25) – The challenges and advantages of launching a book as a business strategy
  • (14:47) – The importance of partnering with other businesses to promote a book or a new product
  • (16:22) – A bit about her mastermind group
  • (17:48) – Deeper into how it works for her mastermind group
  • (18:50) – How much is she charging to join her mastermind group
  • (20:36) – The importance of setting a price that values your work or your product
  • (21:25) – A bit about her LinkedIn events strategy
  • (23:37) – A message from the guest to the Payback Time Podcast audience
  • (26:36) – The worst advice he ever received
  • (27:19) – The best advice he ever received
  • (28:02) – Guest contacts


[00:00:04.090] – Intro
Hey, this is Sean Tepper, the host of Payback Time and Approachable and Transparent podcast on business investing in finance. I’d like to bring on guests to hear authentic stories while giving you actionable takeaways you can use today. Let’s go. My next guest is a health, life and business coach, and in this episode, we talk about the importance of creating multiple streams of revenue in your business. We also talk about the importance of increasing your prices to the point where it may push you outside your comfort zone. The more you charge, the more people will pay attention, especially the right people you want to work with. Please welcome Holly Jean Jackson. Holly, welcome to the show.
[00:00:44.940] – Holly Jean
Thanks, Sean. It’s so great to be here, especially in a brand new year, right?
[00:00:49.220] – Sean
Yes, indeed. You are. Podcast number one. We’re kicking off as far as recording for 2023. Very excited for this, but why don’t you kick us off and tell us about your background?
[00:00:59.910] – Holly Jean
Absolutely. So I actually was climbing the wrong ladder. I was climbing the corporate ladder, the wrong ladder for me. So I got some layoffs back to back and had some really interesting health challenges alongside them. Luckily, I stepped back and looked at that and was like, this is really interesting, what’s happening here? I see this precarious pattern that I don’t like. And so I decided to take one more job in the corporate space. And from there I started getting some credentials in the coaching space. And initially I thought I was going to be just a health coach, but I also realized I was super passionate because of my own personal health challenges with helping people have more access to holistic solutions. So I started working with people as a holistic business coach so they get three in one. You get a life coach, a health coach and a business coach with over 15 years of business experience. You climbed all the way to the corporate ladder to find out, gosh, I placed my ladder on the wrong wall. So I’m super passionate about inspiring business leaders, helping them get their message into the world and healing people through helping business owners who want to provide amazing services to the world, do better and have more impact.
[00:02:16.430] – Sean
Right on. Well, thank you for sharing your background. And as we’ve talked about before the podcast, we have a lot of people on the show who a lot of the listeners, they are investors in the stock market, but they also are we have a lot of entrepreneurs. And that’s a key reason why I wanted to bring you on to really talk about entrepreneurs can really become highly focused on their business, but they don’t really diversify. And I’ve run into circumstances met people who reach age 65, 70, 75, 80, and they can’t retire because nobody wants to buy their business, especially if it’s a trade, your time for income business or service business. Nothing wrong with that. Kind of business, but it again, can be hard to sell. So I wanted to get your feedback on this. What do you recommend?
[00:03:03.050] – Holly Jean
Yeah, that’s a great point. So when we talk about diversification as entrepreneurs and business owners, there are so many different layers to this. You need diversification for your lead generation so that if one thing dries up, you aren’t completely at a standstill. You need diversification in terms of some of the services that you provide, diversification in terms of your pipeline. There’s so many things you need to diversify. But if we think about the long term longevity of your business and your life and the goals that you have, it’s also equally important to think about what is your exit strategy and what are the investments and ways you can diversify your investments successfully so that you are set up for retirement. Or with most of my clients, a stairstep retirement where they continue doing what they love, but in smaller capacity over time so that they can free up time with their grandkids, et cetera. So I recommend not just investing in the stock market but investing in other things, just like you would diversify different aspects of your business. And of course, if you’re doing investments in the stock market and whatnot, you should absolutely work with Sean and his team because they’re amazing.
[00:04:14.130] – Sean
Yes, Tykr can help you along the way. I know people here are a commercial or two on this episode, but I’d love to hear how have you diversified your business, your coach? But I know coaches can also offer courses. Do you offer courses or other kind of products?
[00:04:31.590] – Holly Jean
Yeah, absolutely. So when I work with my clients, we build what I call a product pyramid. So with your product pyramid, you have your low entry level ticket item and then you have your mid tier, your sweet spot and that high ticket item for clients. The reason you want these different products is so that when people aren’t quite ready to invest a lot of money in your sweet spot or your high ticket area, they can start building trust with you. So your lower level offerings should be something like classes and books and other offerings that don’t require your personal time. And also, as you’re kind of trying to maximize your time and scale your business, you can offer other things like Masterminds and group coaching. So when I first started, I only focused on one on one coaching to get to scalability financially, really hone in on the customer experience, understand my ideal client. And then I started expanding my product pyramid. So at the lowest level, I have a book. I have some classes from the book that are lead magnets around health, clarity and business. And then also I have another lower ticket item that’s called the easy button lead generation system.
[00:05:46.240] – Holly Jean
So regardless of where people are, there’s something they can work with me on. At the smallest level, and then stare step into that. And also, since I’ve expanded even more and I have less capacity for one on one coaching, I’m now providing masterminds. But also, Sean, another way you can diversify and be kind of more creative with your time is I introduced quite a few people, and so a lot of these collaborations actually turn into business agreements or business partnerships and you can actually do those in such a way where you’re a broker and if it’s a win win win across the board, there are ways for you to financially gain from that introduction and building that business partnership. Just like there are also ways to have referral fees and partnerships with folks where they get a 10% commission off of that. That way they keep you top of mind. You refer business back and forth, but you’re also generating income when it’s not taking your time.
[00:06:43.140] – Sean
Right. I like what you did there because there’s a lot of people that create a service business and it is an easier business to start. Like, for example, I had an agency in the late 2000s, like 2006, 2010, but I did not have the business acumen to think about. Okay, how do I create some kind of course so people can just buy the course, get some quick tips. It doesn’t require my time, and they can kind of build some trust there with me. I really like what you did. You’ve got the book, you’ve got what sounds like some low barrier to entry products that don’t require your time. And then you’re also generating revenue through referrals. That’s smart. So everything really leads up to the high ticket items, you could say, or higher ticket items would be your time, your services, but you’re still sustaining a business with multiple streams of revenue. That’s really smart.
[00:07:35.750] – Holly Jean
Yeah, absolutely. And there’s so many interesting ways you can do this too. A lot of business owners and entrepreneurs aren’t aware of white labeling services. So I found I was doing marketing consulting and I’ve kind of stepped back from that. The only marketing consulting I do now is more marketing strategy. I rarely take on done for you marketing clients these days unless I’m super passionate and it’s maybe one a year with a retainer. Otherwise, I have specific digital marketing agencies that I partner with and I don’t even white label at this point. I just say, this is our agreement. I’m doing the strategy part, they’re doing implementation, delivery, all those things. I’ve worked with them for this many years. Here’s their portfolio. So I’m making the sale, but I’m making a percentage off of what I’m outsourcing through that partnership and then delivering strategy and making monthly income on the strategic part of that, which is what I love. So I’d encourage you as entrepreneurs, business owners, think about what you love most on the service side of your business and what do you want to outsource and how can you make money off of what you want to outsource without completely giving it completely away.
[00:08:41.430] – Sean
Yes, you’re doing something that’s really smart, which is you’re creating a line in the sand. You’re saying no to things you don’t want to work on. And I think that’s really smart for somebody who’s providing a service, trading their time for a paycheck, because it can be tempting to get a call or get an email from somebody saying, hey, I need help with this. You know, it can make some money, but maybe you’re not 100% passionate about it, and you could be like, yeah, I’ll help you out. And then you’re kind of not married, but you’re stuck with that client for one, two, three months at times. It can be a headache, there can be personality conflicts. I had these issues when I had my first business, said yes to a lot of projects I probably shouldn’t have. But yeah, I like what you did there. You’re creating the upper hand in this case.
[00:09:26.890] – Holly Jean
Yeah. And that’s really important because there’s nothing worse than taking on a client where intuitively, chemistry wise, it’s not a good fit. You will regret it, I promise you. And if you’re in a season of drought and things are kind of drying up, even still, you shouldn’t take clients on clients that are not a great fit, because unless you’re 100% confident it’s a fit with chemistry, if it was delivery, all those things, you’re likely to have a lot of headaches, a lot of stress, and possibly a negative review. And we know how much our social credibility matters. Even just one negative review as a small business owner can really wreak havoc on your reputation. So for me, I have my clients or potential clients kind of jump through hoops. I say the clients to get the most out of this are the ones that trust me and trust the process, and they’re willing to take action come hell or come high water. Does that define you? If not, this is not the right fit for you.
[00:10:25.430] – Sean
Good. Set those terms right up front before they even start working with you and paying you. It’s like, this is who I work best with. And speaking of, that was my transition point here, is I want to learn who are your ideal clients, and then we’ll jump into your book and some of the other products you have in case the listeners are interested. So who are your ideal, best customers?
[00:10:48.190] – Holly Jean
Well, first of all, like I just said, they’re action takers. They are ready to scale their business. They’re committed, they’re coachable. But outside of that, they’re entrepreneurs and business owners who want to grow and scale their business. They want to have more impact in their community. They want to serve more people, and they want to do that by getting their message out to the world. I help them by leveraging their book in a very strategic way, whether they’ve written one or they’re about to write one or they’re writing their next one to grow their business with lead generation and lots of other amazing strategic things that are not taught in the market, it’s a huge market gap there. And how to have a successful launch or relaunch if your first launch fails, sure, but also how to leverage speaking to grow your business. And these kind of go hand in hand. If you’re launching a book, you’re going to be guesting on podcasts like this, or you’re going to be interviewing at conferences or being on TV shows and radio shows. And how do you do that in an effective way and get your message out into the world to serve more people, right?
[00:11:49.170] – Sean
Are you seeing an increase in person events or is it still mostly digital.
[00:11:54.850] – Holly Jean
Since COVID I’m seeing a massive increase in in person events. Last calls for speakers. I’ve actually spoken at quite a few more events the last quarter of 2022. I have an AMA local Chapter event, so it’s American Marketing Association as a speaker this month, actually next week. So quite a few speaking engagements that are coming up in person and people are craving that face to face connection. And I know for a fact speakers miss speaking in person because my team.
[00:12:26.210] – Sean
And I, we were talking about putting out our first book related to Tykr. We try to do a stock review every week. We don’t have like 52 over the course of 2022, but we have quite a few. And I want to take like the top 20 and like bundle them up in like a nice quick read that helps people. Like, here’s how we analyze businesses. Here’s our top 20 favorites. Go and just create a book and not really looking at like a revenue generating tool, but more of a kind of like what you were talking about. Let’s build some trust, let’s generate some leads, get people interested, something like that.
[00:13:03.610] – Holly Jean
Well, I would recommend if you’re going to do the book and launch the book, the way you look at revenue generation is not the number of book sales. So when I’m working with my clients and the mastermind or one to one coaching, it’s redefining success. Unless you’re oprah, you’re not going to retire off of your book sales. It’s really about what you get from that. It’s really placing your book in the right hands, having it the right conferences. It’s about being incredibly strategic with launching that. And if you get three clients out of that, depending on the dollar amount or the lifetime revenue of that client, that’s way worth the investment of building that book. So, for example, with my first book, Inspiration Contagion Health Secrets for Raving Success, that was focused on the tenant of health. So I had copies of the book with QR codes on the front and went to local holistic, business owners, so physical therapists, chiropractors, ETCA. And gifted them copies for their waiting room. What did that do? Sean? These are my ideal clients. So the business owners were like, that’s so generous. That’s so cool. They read the story before they put it in their waiting room, and they said, gosh, she’s a speaker, she does marketing, she’s a coach.
[00:14:16.710] – Holly Jean
We should have a conversation. So I generated clients from that, not to mention local people found me and said, gosh, we need you to come in for a custom workshop and speak to our organization. We have a leadership retreat. We want to hire you to come and do custom work, and we want to focus on mental health and well being and how to be more energized. So depending on how the message aligns with what your business is doing, there are lots of amazing things you can do that will actually generate revenue outside of just the book sales.
[00:14:46.960] – Sean
Right. You mentioned a key point here for the entrepreneurs. Listening is partnering up with other businesses to promote this book. It can benefit their customers, but it also brings some leads to you. I thought that was really smart, what you did there with in person, like wellness specialists in specific areas around the country.
[00:15:09.090] – Holly Jean
Absolutely. Even when you’re having networking calls, if there are other authors, you can trade books and ask for book reviews. So there’s quite a few things you can do if you are launching a book or relaunching your book to make sure you’re not leaving revenue on the table and that you’re using it in a smart way to get your message out there and find the right people.
[00:15:28.480] – Sean
Right. Smart. Let’s take a quick commercial break. Do you feel like stock investing is too confusing, too time consuming, or too risky? It doesn’t have to be. If you ever considered investing on your own but you don’t know where to start, I welcome you to check out Tykr. Tykr guides you through your investment journey by steering you towards safe investments and away from risky investments. There were two main reasons why I created Tykr. Number one, I wanted to remove emotions from investing. In other words, I wanted a software to make buying and selling decisions for me so I don’t have to. And number two, I wanted to save time. Analyzing stocks can take hours, if not days, and I didn’t want to spend all day looking at the computer. I have other hobbies in life I’d rather be enjoying. If you are interested, you can get started with a free trial. Visit Tykr.com. That’s tykr.com again. Tykr.com, let’s transition to you have a mastermind group as well. Can you talk about that a little bit?
[00:16:29.180] – Holly Jean
Absolutely. So it’s called Authors Ignited, and it’s really focused on business owners, movement leaders, nonprofit leaders who want to get their message out into the world, and they want to do this through a book. So whether you’re thinking about writing your first book, you’ve started writing it. You’re about to launch it, or you’ve launched and it didn’t really get you the results you were looking for. This Mastermind walks you through a step by step road map and success routine for your pre launch strategy, your launch strategy, as well as your ongoing marketing strategy. So that beyond just the book sales, we’ll get you bestseller status. That’s easy. How are we going to make sure that you get ROI? You get that return on investment and also hard work, the blood, sweat and tears you put into that book. How are we going to get in front of those ideal clients? How are we going to get those high ticket sales because of the relationship you build through stories in your book? And also, of course, how are you going to land speaking gigs to promote and market it like podcasts interviews, TV interviews, radio interviews, and how to be an effective speaker and treat people who want to learn more about you and read your book.
[00:17:39.880] – Holly Jean
Build a relationship with you. Because sales is all about people wanting to go into a deeper relationship with you, especially if you’re in the service industry.
[00:17:48.190] – Sean
Right. I’d like to deep dive into the structure of your Mastermind. Now. Is this like a limitation of maybe eight people, ten people, something like that?
[00:17:58.970] – Holly Jean
Great question. So my Masterminds are between five and 15 people, no more than that. And honestly, I think I might even test it at ten, five to ten people and have a separate group. If we have more people than that, I want to keep it really intimate. But also, I don’t know, for those of you who haven’t been in a Mastermind, the power of a Mastermind is not just the person leading it. Like, yes, there’s incredible wisdom there, but it’s also that the Mastermind leader is being very specific and intentional and picking the members of that community. And it’s Masterminding and sharing ideas and supporting each other from these Masterminds. So many amazing partnerships and collaborations come from that. And that is where the investment is so worthwhile. It’s so incredible the stories that come out of these situations as we build community and we support each other.
[00:18:51.120] – Sean
Right, I’ve heard that and I’ve thought about the idea of creating a Mastermind for Tykr other priorities at the moment, but it might be something I circle back to to introduce. I’m curious, can you share with us? What kind of prices are you charging to join your Masterminds?
[00:19:10.310] – Holly Jean
Yeah, so this one is $12,000. It is five months. So there are five sessions. Each of the sessions is an hour and a half. And yeah, that’s pretty simple. I’m keeping it very low tech. I don’t need to be fancy on a fancy platform. It’s going to be zoom and Google Drive and sharing resources that way. And we’ll have a WhatsApp group, so not on social media. We’re just going to have a WhatsApp group to connect everyone an excel file with contact information so people can easily connect with each other offline as well and build those partnerships, relationships and collaborations. And that’s it. I’m also bringing in guest speakers that are world renowned experts in complementary ways to support them in getting their message out there, sharing access to specific technologies that will also make their life easier, and doing basically all the legwork so that they have a very specific intentional roadmap where all they need to do is show up, take action, ask questions and be engaged.
[00:20:09.420] – Sean
Right. I really like your price point there. To reiterate, it is 12,000 for five sessions. Is that right? Yes. Nice. And is that over the duration of like five months? Like one a month?
[00:20:21.740] – Holly Jean
Yes, it’s one a month because there’s so much juicy content in each of those sessions that you need time to process and take action and do the work and not be overwhelmed. The worst thing we could do is overwhelm people, and that’s not what we’re about.
[00:20:37.130] – Sean
I love the price there because there’s going to be a lot of people that have a knee jerk reaction like, oh my gosh, I’m not paying that much. But what you’re doing is you’re cutting out those people that have a scarcity mindset. We want people are going to the next stratosphere. We don’t want people are playing T ball. And I have to phrase it like that because I do run into entrepreneurs that they’re very much as afraid to spend a $100, but they don’t know it yet, but they’re also afraid to make $100 or $1,000 or $10,000. That’s a lot of money to them and you’re really separating yourself from that audience. I love it.
[00:21:13.740] – Holly Jean
Yeah. Well, honestly, that’s a very low price point for Mastermind. This is the first one. It’s at that price point. Next year it will be much higher. It’ll probably be 20,000 or more.
[00:21:21.920] – Sean
Good for you, good for you. That’s awesome. Excellent. I want to move on to you get a LinkedIn group as well, correct?
[00:21:29.200] – Holly Jean
Not a group, it’s an event. So I’m starting a LinkedIn networking event that will be monthly and it’s focused on the same group that I’m supporting in terms of the Mastermind. So entrepreneurs, business owners, nonprofit leaders who want to get their message out to the world. It’s called your Message Matters because guess what? If you’re listening, your message does matter. And whether you are doing personal marketing or business marketing, it’s so important that you have that brand alignment. So my first one is in February. I’m trying to blink on the date right now. I think it’s the 22nd in the afternoon. You can find it on my profile. It will also be listed on my website. But even better yet, it’s going to be in the show notes. So check those out and you can register for that first event. I have world renowned Hope analysts joining me for this first one. I’ve got Phil PaluchA with billionaire boxers. I’ve got Warwick I forget his last name. He’s an amazing bestselling author in Australia. And then two other phenomenal leaders, including the chief marketing officer for Pod Theft. So if you’re thinking, gosh, maximum podcast retention.
[00:22:35.000] – Holly Jean
Amazing things. He also does incredible things with sales, leadership and coaching. And also I have a ghostwriter, Michael. I’m drawing a blank on his last name that will also be joining me. So you can imagine with these people, there’s going to be some powerful, juicy stuff. There’s no selling in this event. It’s really just to offer tremendous value to get your message out in the world.
[00:22:56.300] – Sean
It’s a breath of fresh air because we all have seen these gurus, you could say, get together, there’s all this hype and you arrive and then it’s this super pitch fest, pitching products from the stage or from your computer. So it’s good to hear it’s all content, good educational content. That’s excellent.
[00:23:16.230] – Holly Jean
Yeah. In fact, all of the folks that I pre qualify as copanelist for this, we have that conversation. You will not be allowed to pitch. You can share your links for how people can contact you, but you are not pitching. We are not selling. We are just adding complete amazing education, inspiration for people, answering questions, adding value, and that’s it.
[00:23:36.550] – Sean
Nice. Before we transition to the Rapid Fire round, is there one solid takeaway you’d like to give to my audience?
[00:23:47.350] – Holly Jean
I think what I would challenge you to do as you kick off your New Year, think about where you’re leaving money on the table, where can you outsource some of the work that you don’t enjoy doing, how can you diversify your lead generation and even your financial situation? Let’s say we fast forward 1020 years from now. Are you set up for success financially, yes or no? And just start laying the groundwork for you to sleep soundly at night, knowing that you’re on the right road. So start looking at that and build that road map to success so that it’s not keeping you up at night. Because the majority of potential clients and existing clients that I have conversations with, what’s keeping them up at night is almost always financial. Getting that next lead, getting that next sale, paying off credit card debt, scaling their income, all of these things. So I don’t want you to be in that position. So get ahead of it and think about it.
[00:24:44.410] – Sean
Yeah, I love it. Great advice. This circles back to the point from the beginning is create a nice structured business model that has multiple streams of income, especially other streams that don’t require your time. Some kind of product, some kind of value ladder. Start with a book or even a digital product I imagine would be fine too. Right. And work people up from there.
[00:25:05.780] – Holly Jean
Absolutely. And if you get stuck on that, make sure you work with somebody. If it’s not me, if it’s not Sean. Fine. Find somebody to work with.
[00:25:13.030] – Sean
Right on. Well, perfect. Let’s transition to the rapid fire around. This is where we get to find out who Holly really is. Here we go. If you can, try to answer each question in 15 seconds or less. You ready?
[00:25:26.680] – Holly Jean
Okay, I’m ready.
[00:25:27.630] – Sean
All right. What is your favorite podcast?
[00:25:30.330] – Holly Jean
My podcast? Inspiration Contagion.
[00:25:32.990] – Sean
Come on, you don’t listen to your own podcast?
[00:25:35.120] – Holly Jean
I actually do. But also I love Tim Ferriss.
[00:25:37.780] – Sean
Okay, yeah, that’s a good one. All right, what’s your favorite book or recent book you read and would recommend?
[00:25:44.990] – Holly Jean
Jolt by Larry Long, Jr.
[00:25:47.640] – Sean
I haven’t heard of this one. I’ll put it on the list.
[00:25:50.270] – Holly Jean
Yeah, he’s local. He’s a friend of mine, but he’s definitely a breath of fresh air.
[00:25:54.760] – Sean
Nice. All right, what’s your favorite movie?
[00:25:57.890] – Holly Jean
Favorite movie is well, one of them is Serendipity.
[00:26:00.810] – Sean
Nice. I’ve never heard that one on this podcast. I consider that a Christmas movie. Seriously? It takes place around the holidays, correct?
[00:26:11.510] – Holly Jean
Sort of, but I don’t know. I just love the words Serendipity, the happy accident, and I don’t know, I love everything about it.
[00:26:20.250] – Sean
John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale, right?
[00:26:23.950] – Holly Jean
Yeah. 100%.
[00:26:25.360] – Sean
Jeremy Piven as the character mirror to the protagonist.
[00:26:29.750] – Holly Jean
I’m nerding out here, but, yes, Lars is great.
[00:26:35.470] – Sean
Nice. All right, we got a few business questions here. What is the worst advice you ever received?
[00:26:43.570] – Holly Jean
Worst advice I have ever received was, I had this one mentor, and I won’t wait in the company, who told me that to be successful in business, I had to wear makeup and high heels and walk the part.
[00:26:58.150] – Sean
Oh, my gosh. That’s awful. So offensive, right? I’m thinking of the Mad Men days, 1960s.
[00:27:06.160] – Holly Jean
Well, the part that’s the worst is it was a female mentor and boss that told me this.
[00:27:11.080] – Sean
[00:27:12.110] – Holly Jean
Yes. Very disappointing.
[00:27:16.410] – Sean
That’s up there. That’s pretty bad advice. All right, let’s flip that equation. What is the best advice you ever received?
[00:27:24.270] – Holly Jean
The best advice I’ve ever received is to trust yourself and stop asking somebody else for permission.
[00:27:31.250] – Sean
Nice. I love it. All right, and the last question is the time machine question. If you could go back in time to give your younger self advice, what age would you visit and what would you say?
[00:27:41.410] – Holly Jean
I would visit my younger self at five, and I would say, trust your gut and don’t let anybody ever tell you that what you want to say isn’t important, and feel what you need to feel. Don’t hide it.
[00:27:58.780] – Sean
Nice. I love it. All right, we did talk about where the audience can reach you. We have a link to LinkedIn, but why don’t you give us a little rundown of the best places they can reach you at?
[00:28:10.620] – Holly Jean
Absolutely. You can find me online@hollyjeanjackson.com on LinkedIn at hollyjackson, and you can email me at holly@hollyjeanjackson.com. If that’s not brand efficient, I don’t know what is. Right.
[00:28:26.130] – Sean
Spot on. That’s great. Well, thank you. So much for your time, Holly. This is packed full of value. Really appreciate it.
[00:28:32.400] – Holly Jean
Thank you. It was so great to be here. And let’s kick 2023 off with a bang.
[00:28:36.230] – Sean
Let’s do it. We’ll talk soon.
[00:28:38.020] – Holly Jean
Sounds great.
[00:28:39.990] – Sean
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