S1E17 Paul Neuberger Insurance + Cold Call Coaching

S1E17 – Paul Neuberger – Insurance + Cold Call Coaching

Cold calling. I don’t know about you, but I don’t exactly roll out of bed with motivation to cold call.  As for our next guest, it’s not only something he loves but something he’s great at.  He first discovered the craft in college and by the time he graduated, he was running a cold call center.  Fast forward years later, cold calling has been the foundation of his career ever since.  Today he’s the president of an insurance agency but he’s also a cold calling coach where he helps companies large and small increase their sales conversion ratio over the phone.  This is a perfect example of dedicating your time and energy to not only be good, but great at a skill most people are fearful of.  Please welcome Paul Neuberger.

Contact Paul at https://coldcallcoach.net