S1E38 Mitch Stephen Real Estate Investor

S1E38 – Mitch Stephen – Real Estate Investor

magine putting $250,000 on credit cards to buy, renovate, and rent homes.  From my perspective, this is one of the most stupid financial decisions you can make.  In fact, my next guest almost went through a divorce because of this decision.  As you listen to this episode, he actually pulled off the impossible and made this investing strategy work.  Although he doesn’t recommend buying homes on credit cards today, he does teach his students how to obtain private lending for real estate investment purposes.  He has owned more than 2,000 homes and has perfected a method of achieving cash-flow without having to be a landlord and without having to rehab properties.  Please welcome Mitch Stephen.

Website:  https://1000houses.com
LinkedIn:  Mitch Stephen
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/1000Houses/ 
Twitter:  @Mitch_Stephen