S1E42- Mark Willis Certified Financial Planner

S1E42- Mark Willis – Certified Financial Planner

Imagine moving to one of the most expensive cities in the US with over $120K in student loan debt and no income lined up.  Talk about a leap of faith.

My next guest and his wife began their professional career after college, serving a non-profit.  They knew they couldn’t rely solely on the non-profit to pay down the debt which means they had to buckle down on their expenses and work side jobs.

After years of following Dave Ramsey’s “snowball method” and paying off about half of the debt, they discovered they had really nothing to show for their hard work and sacrifice.  Although they were paying off debt, on the flip side, they weren’t saving for retirement.

At that point, their mentor introduced him and his wife to a concept known as “bank on yourself”.  He then discovered an investment vehicle with three important criteria:  

  1. Keep your money safe.  
  2. A competitive rate of return.  
  3. Locked in gains.  

He and his wife used this product to quickly pay off their debt and put themselves on the fast track to saving and investing.

Now today, they run a financial planning practice where they help clients pay off debt and take financial control of their future.  Please welcome Mark Willis.

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