S1E27 Jeff Brandeis Sales Trainer and Coach

S1E27 – Jeff Brandeis – Sales Trainer and Coach

What if you were an introverted accountant and then one day decided you wanted to flip your career on its head and get into sales?  I bet if you did the research on this type of career transition, it would probably be less than 1%.  My next guest did exactly that.  He spent the earlier part of his career as an accountant and then eventually made the transition to sales and actually became quite good at it.  He climbed the ranks in corporate America and then decided to branch out on his own.  Today he runs a sales training company where he helps small and mid-sized businesses increase their sales conversation ratios not only in person but over online conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Teams.  Please welcome Jeff Brandeis.

Contact Jeff at https://brandeistrainingsolutions.com